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The acoustics of the listening room is the most important, and at the same time is the most neglected element when assembling a quality Hi Fi or AV system. Audiophiles beginners are often unaware and insufficiently familiar with the significance and problems of room acoustics, and do not pay enough attention to this topic.‎
‎The truth is that the same Hi Fi system in the room of optimized acoustics will sound incomparably better than in a room of bad acoustics, and the difference is greater than the difference that we can cause by changing any cables, fuses, pads and similar audiophile "toys" on which thousands of Euro/Dollars are often spent with great enthusiasm.‎
‎This is not surprising because the cable, for example, can be easily changed in half an hour, while for any significant change in the acoustics of space we need much more time and experimentation, with massive elements whose installation in space does not always agree with the vision of the esthetics of interior decoration of other family members. In addition, cables, pads, etc. often represent an ideal material for audiophilic "commodity exchange", while this goes much harder with bulky acoustic elements like TUBE TRAP.‎
‎So much for the reasons why people rarely approach solving the problem of acoustics. What would make any more serious audiophile have to make an effort with the acoustics of their listening room is to mention the beneficial impact on sound. The price for basic acoustic TUBE TRAP treatment often does not exceed money for a set of high-quality cables, so from‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎this side upgrade using TUBE BASS TRAP components should not be problematic because they are the ‎‎same time also an esthetically refined products.‎
‎With regard to the scattering of sound in wave form, the room of average dimensions most significantly affects the Bass area. Room that has smaller dimensions than the length of sound waves, so there is a pronounced upscaling and downscaling of volume at certain frequencies.‎
‎Such a problem is  reduced by everyday furniture and other objects in the room.‎
‎However, often the amount and type of furniture is insufficient to significantly affect the acoustics in the bass area.‎
‎Today's esthetics of the interior do not favor audiophiles, minimalist decoration of the space with smooth, solid and large surfaces do not favor acoustics suitable quality sound reproduction and equipment in which you have invested thousands of Euro/Dollars.‎
‎Powerful echoes of smooth surfaces "distort" sound and raise the energy of medium and high tones, while in bass range we have presence of "hills and valleys" , and in most cases this can make the sound of a superior and expensive high-end system to be completely worthless.‎
‎By setting up SST TUBE BASS TRAP components, you will achieve a much cleaner and more defined sound, a more durable and deeper stereo image, better highlighted effects of film tone, and overall higher sound quality by all parameters. Any typical listening room, in which no attention is paid to acoustics, does not allow to your expensive Hi Fi system to achieve even a half of its capabilities. The acoustics itself give more than half the sound impression, which is why it is a basic element for achieving good sound. In principle, almost every fan of good sound knows this, but very few are satisfied with the state of the acoustics of their own room. I believe that many would be surprised how today's solutions to acoustic problems are solvable, and many of them look decorative and effective.‎
How tube bass trap components work‎
‎The corners in the room behave to transform sound waves into unwanted pressure fluctuations.‎
‎TUBE TRAPS are designed to fully absorb unwanted sound pressure zones created in all 8 corners of the room.
4 in the ceiling zone, and 4 in the floor zone.‎
‎TUBE TRAPS absorb this unwanted pressure in their interior, which is composed of multiple layers.
When low frequency sound is generated in the room, its waves travel in all directions.‎
‎At certain frequencies, reflection patterns begin to overlap and form a synchronized state with each other and then we have the appearance of stoic waves.‎
‎Whenever this pattern overlaps with the sound from the speakers, we get an unwanted "boom boom" effect from the speaker that uncontrollably highlights only a few very strong bass tones, while the rest of the spectrum is lost in space. ‎
‎The problem could be "solved" by removing all the walls of your room, but of course this is not a feasible way to solve the problem.‎
‎The solution is in the implementation of TUBE TRAP technology that balances bass response in space.
Each space in which we listen our music has its own unique sound signature with specific pressure zones, in triangular shapes arranged through the room.‎
‎This type of TUBE TRAP with built-in diffuser as a reflective surface is the highest quality upgrade of your sound space into one unique unit of high Hi Fi performance with minimal investment.‎
Edge reflections‎
‎When bass is generated near a wall, its free-field frequency response becomes distorted.‎
‎The first reflection point creates a wave of pressure over the cone of the speakers.‎
‎The walls, floor and angles with their reflection create waves that are "late" from 5 to 20 ms and that wave mixed with the signal that came out directly from the speakers, induce unwanted effects in the bass scope of the speaker's operation, as well as the appearance of unwanted petals of lateral reflections.‎
‎TUBE TRAP located at each of these reflection points will reduce the strength of these reflections and lateral petals in the bass area. Of course not all reflections from walls are bad.‎
‎Diffuse/Absorption surface in TUBE TRAP positioned by the user by turning tube TRAP around its axe, in order to make the best use of its diffuse surface for the purpose of increasing the ambient sound image of the space.‎
‎TUBE TRAPS can also be used outdoors in combination with speakers to improve their performance.‎
‎Stacking TUBE TRAPS side by side to expand the effective speaker surface achieves an effect of increased bass orientation and efficiency
TUBE TRAPS also can be stacked next to each other in a sequence that will cast a sound shadow on the laterally side of the speakers.‎
‎Tube Trap transforms room acoustics into an unforgettable precise and dynamic bass musical line, and they work great with sudden and dynamic sound variations.‎
The diameter of tube trap, not its height determines the value of the impact on low frequencies.‎
‎Tube TRAP maded by SubSystem Technology has a built-in diffuse reflective panel based on the SST design, so that the user can calibrate the ambient atmosphere by turning TUBE TRAP around its wasp.
Tube trap in 35 cm diameter that starts from range of 60 Hz, is the most selling product, in the SubSystem Technology Tube Trap line of production.‎
Please allow 1-3 percent measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
Please note that slight décor color difference in the gallery should be acceptable due to the light and computer screen
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Each TUBE TRAP is made up of a robust exoskeleton that gives it physical firmness, and is covered with an attractive fabric in a wide range of colors.‎
‎These TUBE TRAP also allow to user to control and adjust its built-in reflex surface, by their rotation around the wasp to adapt them in their "work" to absorption/dispersion in the medium and high spectrum of tones of about 400Hz further.‎
‎Two-thirds of the TUBE BASS TRAP surface works in the Absorption Spectrum, while one third of TUBE TRAP contains a special reflex surface for broadband diffusion of frequencies above 400Hz.‎
‎By placing TUBE TRAP in your listening room, for relatively little amount of money compared to the price of expensive parts of Hi Fi components, you will get a great improvement in the sound of your system.‎
‎At the end, even the most expensive Hi Fi components require acoustic treatment of listening space to generate sound worthy of the sum of invested money to them.‎
‎By treating the room with TUBE TRAP, vocals begin to get a natural ambient sound, uncontrolled echoes are significantly reduced, while other acoustics in the space are not degraded in the sense that it becomes unnatural or dead.‎
Listening the music now with a TUBE TRAP set, you'll be amazed with the staggering increase in system articulation, and the sound experience starts to be more realistic than anything you've had the opportunity to listen to so far from your Hi Fi system.‎
‎The dynamics of sound and space is also an benefit from increasing the articulation of the system, as realism is now being created in the listening experience.‎
‎Reflection Properties‎
‎With its adaptive absorption and reflection properties, TUBE BASS TRAP allows the listener to quickly and easily adjust the relative amount of absorption and diffusion in the room, thereby optimizing the focus of the image and the overall coherence of the sound scene. After experimenting with the placement and rotation of TUBE TRAP, you will get a high-quality sound image, with excellent positioning of instruments by depth and space.‎
‎Adaptive absorption and reflection of TUBE TRAP enables quick adjusting of the width of the sound image and focusing on the wheels of lateral reflections. By adjusting the reflection, the sound image expands while adjusting the absorption will not expand the sound image outside the speaker space.‎
Final result is that the sound image becomes transparent, more precise, stable, and the space acquires three-dimensionality of vocals and acoustic instruments.‎
Bass control‎
At the end, this is the primary feature that most people associate with products from the TUBE TRAP program.‎
‎By proper setting, TUBE TRAPs do an exceptional job of "ironing" modal spades inherent in all listening rooms.‎
‎By placing TUBE TRAP components in all four corners and in the central places of all four walls, you can significantly improve the response of bass in the room.‎
‎Sound of the drums become firmer, the tones of the deep bass synthesizer are cleaner, and the electric bass guitar will reproduce with less "mutation" and the precision and depth of the sound image now acquires its final shape.‎
‎TUBE TRAP products are bulky and visible with their appearance, but their wide color palette allows the user to adapt them to the space as a decorative element, and if you place some background indirect lighting behind them you will get a wonderful decorative element in the evening hours of relaxation.‎
‎Tube Trap represents the best sound enhancement that can be experienced.‎
‎If you start to question the actual effectiveness of TUBE TRAP, all you have to do is remove them from your listening room.‎
‎After removing them and re-listening your audio files without TUBE TRAPS, you will immediately conclude that you need to return them back.‎
‎TUBE TRAP is a huge benefit to your Hi Fi system due to its price-performance ratio.‎
‎You can start the treatment your room acoustics with one or two TUBE TRAP, and increase their number over the time, and thus gradually improve the performance of the space as much as your finances allow.‎
‎Next page contains setups of TUBE TRAP placement in practice, applied in different forms of space, and downloaded from the Internet: