SST offers to potential buyer 10 day renting period option, with a deposit placement valued to their market price.
When buyer returns the borrowed Tube Trap components, the deposit is going to be refunded back to you.
Absorption range from: 20 Hz – 410 Hz (depends about its diameter).
Professional design and workmanship.
Standard 35 cm diameter Tube trap dimension: 1060 x 350mm (106x35 cm)
TUBE TRAP their cylinder shape gives structural rigidity and an internal air cavity necessary for the rapid absorption of sounds in the range of low frequencies 20–410 Hz.
Their diameter determines how deep in the bass range they perform their absorption function.
TUBE TRAPS with their cylindrical shape are ideal for the function they are built for, and they gain HiFi experience in your listening area.
This type of TUBE TRAP has a TREBLE BALANCE CONTROL surface, with an built-in TREBLE DIFFUSOR that corrects the clarity of the sound in the space.
Tube traps save your space and at best way eliminate unwanted sound phenomena, which distort the sound image.
By placing them and positioning them in your space, you achieve clarity, detail and transparency of sound with relatively small investment.
TUBE TRAP effective range